Jumple home, the new on-demand Jumple classes platform!

Posted 01 December 2022 by Mateo Gandía Barceló

Free with the purchase of a Jumper1+, the new Jumple Academy platform allows you to jump anywhere. Lessons are organised according to levels and programmes, to ensure your progression from the very beginning.

What would it be like to have a Jumple class in your living room? Any time you want, as many times as you want. You don't have to imagine it, Jumple Home has arrived. It's the new on-demand class platform just launched by Jumple Academy.

In a similar way to how Netflix, Prime or HBO works, you can access content from anywhere and at any time you want. There is only one small difference: instead of series or films, there are training programmes; instead of seasons, there are packs by levels; and instead of chapters, there are sessions ordered by difficulty.


Were you ready for something like this? Here's how it works...

When you log in to your Jumple Home account, you will find on-demand classes for the different Jumple programmes. For each programme you will find packs by level: beginner, intermediate and advanced. When you access your level, you will find the classes sorted according to their difficulty and the load of each class.

Simply log in, choose your favourite programme and your level and follow the order. That's how easy it will be for you to ensure success with your Jumper1+, achieving your goals safely and with maximum motivation. The progress and fun you'll experience will keep you wanting to keep up your jumper workout routines.

Even if you start from scratch! The Jumple Home platform also includes an introductory class, which we have called Jumple Zero. This class is free, we give it to you with your first purchase of a pack of classes in Jumple Home. With Jumple Zero you will learn how to correctly adapt the Jumper1+, how to put them on correctly, the correct posture and the basic steps of jumping and rebounding. Who gives more?

In short, you will train with a control similar to the one you have over your favourite series and films. For example, is something not clear to you from the trainer's instructions? You can pause, go back, solve your doubt and move on. Did you love a class and would like to repeat it? No problem! The classes will be for you and you can replay them as many times as you want.

The Launch Pack, with special offer!

Now that's a great start! The first pack you'll find in Jumple Home is incredibly powerful and will make you jump like never before.

We start with the Home Jumple Evolution pack, the programme that has brought jumper training to the forefront of fitness. This new training programme, as you know, is the evolution of the old jumper workout programmes, updated according to all the new studies in the industry that have not been taken into account until now.

The best thing about Jumple Evolution is its methodology, what does it seek and how does it achieve it? Jumple Evolution seeks the progression, the evolution, of all jumper users, regardless of their starting point. That's why all Jumple Evolution classes are organised according to a training plan based on biomechanics and sports training principles. Stagnation is the enemy of progression, as is uncontrolled fatigue. And the greatness of Jumple Evolution lies in its planning that takes into account difficulty, intensity and load. Because the basic elements of Jumple Evolution are music and Evolution Training, intermittent training in the form of choreography interspersed with high-intensity sets. For the launch of Jumple Home, of course, we start at the beginning.

So the Jumple Home launch pack is from the Jumple Evolution programme and the beginner level. Anna Hura, one of the youngest and most outstanding Jumple Evolution trainers, will accompany you through classes with perfectly clear instructions and powerful music. Are you ready for Anna's energy and good vibes?


Together with the free introductory class (Jumple Zero), Home Jumple Evolution beginner level is the perfect package for all those who buy their first Jumper1+ and don't have a Jumple instructor nearby. Is this your case? Then we've got great news, we're going to make it even easier for you to start conquering your goals.

Free with the Aerower Jumper1+

Jumpers without jumping? Jumping without jumpers? That would be weird, wouldn't it? At Aerower we know what a great tandem a good pair of rebound boots and the right lessons are to get the most out of them. That's why we have the Jumper1+ and why we have Jumple Academy and now Jumple Home.

In fact, Jumple Home was created so that all those who want to try exercising with jumpers, but don't have an official Jumple instructor nearby, can do it without any problems and almost as if they were in a real class.

That is to say, we couldn't help but make this incredible combo...

For the purchase of an Aerower Jumper1+, FREE ACCESS TO JUMPLE HOME!

Let's celebrate, excuses have come to an end and now you can get your Jumper1+ and start jumping in a matter of hours, get it now to leave your excuses behind asap! Buy your Jumper1+ as normal (through an official distributor or the Aerower shop), and you will receive a flyer in the box with a discount code that will give you free access.

Get Jumper1+ with free access to Jumple Home


And even more! Discount for those who already have a pair of Jumper1+

"If I had known, I would have waited to buy my Jumper1+ to also get free access to Jumple Home". This is a sentence you will only see here, because everyone who bought a Jumper1+ in 2022 can get access to Jumple Home for half the price!

Even if your purchase was a long time ago, we want all Jumper1+ users to continue to make progress and get the most out of their jumpers. If you bought a Jumper1+ but gave up for one reason or another, this is the perfect opportunity to get back in on the action.

How can you get your discount? It works again via a discount code. If you made your purchase through aerower.com, you'll soon receive an email with your unique code. Check your inbox, including your spam folder. But if you bought your Jumper1+ from an official Aerower dealer, then they will contact you shortly to send you your code.

If days go by and you don't receive your code, by all means, ask for it! You deserve to start jumping with Jumple Home.

I already have Jumple Home, now what do I do?

To get your access to Jumple Home, you always have to go through the Jumple Academy shop, either to get it for free, with or without discount. If you get a discount (100% or 50%), it is during the checkout process that you must enter the code.

Go to Jumple Academy shop

Once you have gained access, Jumple Home will always be available on your jumpleacademy.com and aerower.com profile. So every time you want to enjoy an on-demand class, simply go to jumpleacademy.com or aerower.com > my account > Jumple Home login.


Jumple Home. Click & jump!

Access to the platform


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