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A new type of fitness rebound shoes for amateurs and professionals, runners, people with or recovering from injuries , who love to be active and practice bouncing exercises. 

Jumper1 has an innovative

RS system

Year-long testing and research have resulted in a patented Rebound System (RS™), which is versatile and offers great stability. 

State of the art technology


The highest quality for the most important part of the Rebound System (RS).  A compound arc design with different strengths for you to have the maximum delight with the maximum security.

Safety first!


A fundamental element that ensures maximum component durability even when subjected to the harshest of tests. 

Cut it off and conquer!


A turnbuckle that fits your specific needs, that's the idea! Our multiband represents the most versatile system component for feeling an optimum rebound effect. 

More than just a sole


We have created a very easy-to-change sole that covers the entire bottom and support the entire base system. In addition to being practical, it opens a range of possibilities for customization with interchangeable soles.

Technologies developed for this model
Our R&D department is led by professionals with over 20 years of experience in sports products and the latest generation industrial materials. This has allowed us to develop innovative technologies and industrial processes unique in the world. Designed and produced in Europe to offer a product with the highest quality standards to the fitness market that can be accessible to everybody, the most complete exercise known: “Rebound exercise is the most efficient, effective form of exercise yet devised by man.” (Division of Biomechanical Research, NASA-Ames Research Center, 1980)

We have created and patented a Suspension & Rebound System that allows you a simple boot assembly and personalization. 
You will only, occasionally, need an allen wrench that is included.

To avoid accidental disassembly and to allow a manual installation and disassembly, the system has an innovative cross-hitch technology. See the User Guide for a correct mounting.

If at any point you make an extreme jump that compresses the RS System in its totality, the bumper will protect the system, avoiding the collision between the arcs and the multiband, avoiding the detrimental impact to your joints.

Due to the dynamics of the system´s geometry, some elements have been developed to avoid the collapse of the final phase of the compression in the multiband and thus, obtain the adequate progression in the jumps´ rebound effect.

With 9 bands that can be adjusted into different calibrations, this registered design provides great precision and individual adaptability. 
Consult to a specialist or consult the Chart that you´ll find on aerower.com/SCSC

4 different hardness arcs multiplied by all the different multiband configurations makes the Jumper1 perfectly adjustable to your weight and athletic condition. Check out the Chart on aerower.com/SCSC 

To facilitate the adaptation to different foot sizes, our boots are available in five sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL) and each one covers the different sizes from US men 1 / EU 32 to US men 11 / EU 46. 
Check wich one is yours at aerower.com/mysize

The liner (internal boot) is removable and can be washed by hand or by washing machine for perfect cleaning.

State-of-the-art materials give our soles exceptional grip on all surfaces, including sand, polished floors, wet floors, rocks, snow, etc. Nevertheless, you should always make sure that the surface where you are going to jump has grip enough, avoiding jumping if you don't feel safe.

4 retractable bumpers have been incorporated into the sole design to form a stable base when standing. During exercise, the pressure incorporates the bumpers to the natural curvature of the sole to not affect the rebound.



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