Letter from the founder of Aerower

imagenThe decision to create the company Aerower International Management and producing the Jumper1 has not been easy nor is it a consequence of a desire for personal recognition of any kind. First and foremost, that decision was taken by me and my initial team for a genuine vocation of service to a community desiring fresh air, new advances and new ways of understanding the relationships of all those who are part of this world (business directors, users, customers, gyms, instructors, distributors, brand ambassadors, technicians, designers, commercials, advertisers, etc.)

As an industrial, graphic, multimedia and programmer designer I have participated in the launch and / or development of several business projects in very varied sectors. To which I have dedicated more time and effort has been precisely that of the jumpers (or rebounding shoes) where I have obtained my greatest satisfactions, but also my greatest misfortunes. Satisfactions such as having developed the Kangoo Jumps brand, its products and patents since 1998. Misfortunes such as the death of its founder, partner and friend, Denis Naville in 2012. This event led first to a decline and then to a resurgence, with Aerower, of the spirit of innovation, service, enthusiasm and ambition in it, still embryonic rebound exercise universe.

The role that I have played in this story is not, nor do I want it to be, of the protagonist, but the witness, developer, and, now, producer. For everything to work like most of you want it to work. It is good that there is competition, both internal and external, but healthy and positive competition for initiatives to arise and not to miss opportunities for improvement. One thing I want to make clear, competitiveness should not impede friendship, much less courtesy or respect. I have no problem going out with whom I have not lost the last two values that I have commented.

If you are new in this sector, do not be scared by what you have read above, these are more than twenty years of history. I invite you to inform yourself of the benefits of practicing this sport discipline in general, the rebound exercise, and the versatility offered by our particular product, the Aerower Jumper1. To facilitate the practice and extend its use to everyone, I sought help from the best coaches and trainers specialized in the exercise of rebounding with jumpers to create our second brand,  Jumple, since, I admit, that is a work that escapes my competences. Jumple is a brand  Jumple it's a brand and academic structure intended  to training, management and dissemination of training programs. What I am looking for with these programs is a variety and excellence that allows them to adapt to the different needs and preferences of as many users as possible without undermining the quality and safety of their practice. All for health!

If you already  know  this dicipline  and have experience, you will see that in Aerower is the next jump in the evolution of this sector. You will find here that genuine spirit that was lost in the sector due to the ineptitude and greed of some characters from the past. The continuity of a profitable trajectory for all and, at the same time, the incorporation of fresh ideas with the participation of all, is our main objective. That is why I have also wanted Jumple  to become a brand of training and training programs more focused on the discipline itself than on the product. That is why we allow the use of other brands of products in our classes and, also, that of other training programs in our team, thus eliminating barriers to a progressive incorporation into our family. Today, and thanks to the feedback of those who have approached us, I can already say that Aerower and Jumple have made us believe again in an optimistic future for the sector.

In the development phase of our first of many jumpers I have incorporated into the product the improvements that users have been demanding and, in addition, I have incorporated new ideas matured for years, the latest technological and material advances available in the current era. Thanks to this I feel proud of having managed to provide the best jumping experience to jumpers, thanks to its balance and progressive journey. In Europe I have found the best production platform with the quality standards I was looking for and that. quite frankly, I think you deserve it.

The same attitude I have maintained and demanded from my team for the creation of the programs and training system. That is why I incorporated Merce Sebastia as director of training since she is a great professional with a lot of experience and great ideas, but above all a better person who knows how to reconcile everyone's interests. In our programs we have taken special care to highlight the postural habits and execution of the healthiest exercises following the advice of experts in fitness and physiotherapists, as well as the recommendations of scientific studies.

I currently hold the position of Director General and head of the R&D area at Aerower International Management, but I invite you to contact us without commitment, so that you can see the proximity, both mine and my team, that we offer you in all time

I hope to see you all soon and I wish you enjoy jumping ... always!

Carlos Peydró
General Manager of Aerower Int. Mgt.


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