#inlovewithevolution. Everything we have prepared for you for Valentine's Day 2022

Posted 31 January 2022 by Mateo Gandía Barceló

This year, Valentine's Day comes to us in full swing with the new Jumple Evolution training programme and we love it!

We have prepared for you a great gift and a related challenge.

The great gift

This Valentine's Day, we are first and foremost #inlovewithevolution. That's why we've decided to give you a great gift related to the biggest renovation that exercise with jumpers has undergone in the last year. It is a free and complete session for you, designed according to the new Jumple Evolution programme.

The session, of course, is themed. With it, you will be able to jump with the greatest musical hits related to love: from the great classics by John Paul Young (Love is in the air) or Whitney Houston (I Will always love you, from 'The Bodyguard'), to the top love songs of recent years such as 'We found love' (Rihanna and Calvin Harris) or 'Crazy in love' (Beyoncé and Jay Z).

And if we say we're giving you the whole session as a gift, it's because it includes everything for free:

Music mix

Session planning

Demostration video

As we said, this session has been designed according to the new Jumple Evolution training programme. The new programme is very focused on facilitating the work of Jumple Evolution instructors and trainers in the design of their classes and also on guaranteeing that these classes are suitable for everyone and respond to specific objectives that ensure their efficiency. In this particular case, the characteristics of the session are as follows:

Duration: 45 min.

Objective: Skills - expression

Level: intermediate

Total load of the session: 48 (choreo difficulty: 16, choreo intensity: 16, series load: 16 )

Parts: Warm-up, Main part (Technique & Skills and Choreo + Series), Cool-down and Stretching

Who has created the #inlovewithevolution session?

Another advantage of the Jumple Evolution classes is that they are guaranteed to be created by Jumple Academy accredited professionals. This means that they are created by professionals who have received the most advanced and up-to-date training in the whole sector of exercise with jumpers.

On this occasion, the professional behind the #inlovewithevolution session could literally not be of a higher level. Because we are talking about Anna Hura. She is a Master Trainer Jumple Evolution, a title that only belongs to those trainers who have participated in the development of the training programme in question. Therefore, for this occasion we are lucky enough to be able to enjoy a complete session created by an expert in the Jumple Evolution programme.

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Anna Hura, in addition to being a Jumple Evolution Master Trainer (and therefore a trainer of Jumple Evolution instructors), also works as an instructor. That is, she teaches students in Kharkov (Ukraine) and Tekirova (Turkey). She is also the official Aerower distributor in Ukraine, it’s a luxury to enjoy jumping with her for free!

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Will there be more free full Jumple Evolution sessions in the future?

Yes! This is another benefit of the renewal of the new Jumple Evolution programme: all certified Jumple Evolution instructors will have free access to at least 2 free full sessions every month.

They will therefore be able to enjoy constant new ideas from all corners of the world where Jumple Academy is present, music mixes and the best inspiration for their own classes. All this, and much more, will be available on the Jumple Community, the new platform for support, offers and ongoing training with exclusive access for Jumple Academy certified professionals.


When will we have the next one? Very soon! The next Jumple Evolution session that Jumple Academy will offer to its instructors will also be themed, inspired by Carnival. As you know, this is the other big date in February apart from Valentine's Day.

That's why in just a few weeks the new Jumple Evolution session will be announced, bringing with it all the energy and joy of Carnival. On this occasion, the person in charge of its creation is also top-notch. She is Desiré Foncubierta, who, like Anna Hura, is also a Master Trainer and Jumple Evolution Instructor, and official Aerower distributor in Castellón, Catalonia and the Balearic Islands (Spain).

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Take part in the great #inlovewithevolution challenge!

As we announced at the beginning of these lines, our gift for Valentine's Day 2022 brings with it a great challenge. It is directly related to the #inlovewithevolution session and will allow you, among other things, to show your success and that of your students, who will have an extra boost of motivation in your class.

Additionally, the challenge couldn't be easier to complete if you decide to use the #inlovewithevolution session in one of your classes. It's very easy: record the moment when your class manages to complete the choreography. That is, when you have already shown them the 4 blocks that make up the choreography and it is time to put them all together.

You will get a plus of motivation for your students and a plus of diffusion for your work when you do the next step of the challenge: share it on your networks, tag Aerower and use the hashtag #inlovewithevolution. The whole community of exercise with jumpers will see it worldwide! Because we will share the best entries on our official networks.

Can I participate in the challenge if I do the class alone at home? Of course! It's open to anyone who accepts the challenge to have fun with the music and energy of the #inlovewithevolution session.

Need to get an idea of how to record or want to get the audio of the moment the choreography is completed? We make it easy for you. Visit Aerower's official profiles on Instagram or TikTok and you'll have it at your disposal.

This Valentine's Day, and every day of the year, enjoy the love of evolution.

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