5 reasons to improve exercise with jumpers with Aerower

Posted 31 May 2022 by Alba Gómez Pomares
Aerower was born in 2016 with the launch of the Jumper1 model, created from the improvements added to the latest Kangoo Jumps models from 2006, as they have been designed by the same person, Carlos Peydró, CEO of Aerower.

1. Aerower

Aerower was born in 2016 with the launch of the Jumper1 model, created from the improvements added to the latest Kangoo Jumps models from 2006, as they have been designed by the same person, Carlos Peydró, CEO of Aerower.

Since then, we have not stopped growing and growing. We are now present in more than 50 countries.

Aerower's headquarters are in Alicante (Spain), where we have our offices and the main warehouse from where we ship the jumpers to the rest of the world.

We manufacture our rebound system in Europe. This allows us to have better stock control and be prepared for any eventuality, so you always have the products you want when you need them.

We are continually expanding our product catalogue, with new designs and accessories so that everyone can find their favourite.

To carry your jumpers, you have 7 different colours of Koala Bags, which have 5 compartments to carry everything you need for your lessons with jumpers.

There's nothing better than jumping with our exclusively designed socks, specifically designed for jumping with jumpers and made in Spain.

In 2022 we have introduced the new covers, so that you can add a touch of distinction to your jumpers of any brand, easily and quickly. And, in addition, on the occasion of its launch, the benefits of the sales are destined to a charitable cause, because we care about improving our environment.

What motivates us most to launch new products is to see how more and more people enjoy them and have fun with them, which is why we love to share your activity on our social networks when you send us your photos and videos. We don't label people, that's why when we launch a challenge or do a joint choreography, participation is always open to all jumpers lovers, no matter what brand they use.

We have a European patent for the development of the Jumper1, which defines them as the most avant-garde. We are currently the only major jumper brand with a valid patent.


2. Jumper1+, the newest and safest jumper model

Choose your favourite Jumper1+ colour. There are 8 different colours of rebound system that can be combined with each other. You can create more than 500 different colour combinations.

The Jumper1+ has a rebound system that allows for the most precise customisation. It is suitable for people of all weights and fitness levels, from beginners to fitness professionals.

The same multiband can be used by people from 20 to 200 kg. It is only necessary to cut one of its 9 bands according to weight.

The multiband is made of high quality and resistant material. We have designed it to last for more than 200 hours of jumping and not to leave any residue on the ground over time.

Feel free to try it out! The cut on the multiband does not affect the product warranty.

Any jumper lover can enjoy the benefits of the Aerower multiband, as it is fully compatible and safe with the Kangoo Jumps rebound system.

The rebound system is configured with the 4 different arc resistances. From 20kg to over 200kg - no excuses!

All Jumper1+ sizes (from 33 to 45) can be combined with any arc resistance.

A solid system connects the arcs and the boots and guarantees the best support for any model of jumpers today. The bolts and nuts that connect the two parts are very strong and can be reused over and over again.

The Jumper1+ has an improved safety system to make jumping 100% safe. To make sure it is activated, you only have to check if your arc and multiband are in the correct position.

The price is very competitive and, especially the model with Xtra Hard arcs (recommended from 100kg to over 200kg), is lower than other brands. There is no need to add any springs to the multiband to improve resistance for heavier people.

We have also recently launched the new J1+ liner. The new design of the inner liner of the jumpers provides more comfort and protection for the foot. Jumper1+ protect you because they don't hurt you.

Aerower's multiband, full rebound system and J1+ liner are compatible with Kangoo Jumps jumpers. You only need to keep the nuts to attach the Aerower rebound system to the other boots and start enjoying the change to a much more progressive, absorbing and pleasant rebound.


3. Jumple Academy, your professional career with jumpers

Jumple Academy courses will certify you as a fitness professional specialising in training with jumpers.

The new Jumple Academy training programmes allow the instructors of each programme to formulate their classes according to a training plan. This way they can always offer their students different, fun and motivating classes, so that they never give up.

Certified Jumple instructors have a training resource area with video sessions, music and downloadable template - new sessions every month!

Through the Jumple Community, Jumple instructors and trainers will soon be able to create a profile with their contact details and publish their Jumple class schedules, so that anyone interested in taking classes can attend.

When you sign up for a Jumple instructor course, you will automatically receive a voucher of between €50 and €100 to purchase your Aerower jumpers or Aerower spare parts.

You can earn extra income by selling the Jumper1+ to your students.

Jumple creates official clothing for instructors and trainers, such as T-shirts and programme socks.

As a Jumple professional you will be the first to know about all the latest Jumple Academy news. You have a free subscription to the newsletter and to the official Jumple WhatsApp and Telegram channels.

Jumple is for everyone! Jumple programmes allow training loads to be adjusted to suit students of all levels, and jumper users can access Jumple classes with any brand of Jumper.


4. Seize the opportunity with Aerower. More profit with less effort

Place your orders in less than 5 minutes, quickly and easily through aerower.com.

Receive your order wherever you want. Deliveries to Europe in 3-5 days and to the rest of the world in 7-10 days.

Manage your orders through your online account, download invoices, track your orders and get a rate adapted to your needs.

Your rate improves automatically. The more orders, the lower the price, according to the amount of purchases accumulated in the last 12 months.

Get the minimum 15% discount for the purchase of a pack of 10 pairs of Jumper1+ with the colour and resistance of your choice.


5. Questions or problems? Personal attention and 2 years warranty

The Aerower team will quickly resolve all your doubts with a close and personalised service. We will help you personally if you contact us through our official channels: email, telephone, social networks, web forms and also WhatsApp .


Aerower offers you 2 years warranty. The Aerower™ Quality seal ensures that 100% of the products have been tested before being put on sale.

The arcs enjoy an automatic warranty for the first 6 months and up to 2 years if the damage is attributable to manufacturing defects.

If you need to replace a product under warranty, we will take care of the management and free delivery to your home.

We guarantee the compatibility of spare parts with Kangoo Jumps boots. If you have any doubts about how to do it correctly, we will help you personally to guide you through the process.


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