Ukraine Keeps Jumping! Learn about Aerower's aid programme for Ukraine

Posted 02 September 2022 by Mateo Gandía Barceló

Aerower has launched the ‘Ukraine Keeps Jumping’ support programme. Find out below the details of the support offered, what is the aim of the programme, how you can help yourself, what is the real situation of the girls and how Ukraine Keeps Jumping will move forward.

In the context of the difficult situation that our Aerower Ukraine teammates are going through, probably the hardest of their lives, Aerower has launched the ‘Ukraine Keeps Jumping’ support programme. Find out below the details of the support offered, what is the aim of the programme, how you can help yourself, what is the real situation of the girls and how Ukraine Keeps Jumping will move forward.

A support programme with #AerowerAttitude

Last February, the entire international Aerower and Jumple Academy community was shocked by the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, which unfortunately continues to this day. The Aerower Ukraine team, led by its director Anna Hura, is a team that is especially loved in all the countries where Aerower or Jumple Academy has a presence. It is a very inspiring team for everyone, because of the enthusiasm and professionalism they show in all the events in other countries in which they participate or with their great presence in social networks.

The #AerowerAttitude came out more than ever and the unanimous response from the international Aerower community was to want to help and show solidarity. Aerower's first step was to publicly show its rejection of violence and war on all its official public channels. In the meantime, we worked to maintain open communication with Anna Hura and to discuss the issue with official distributors in other countries.

From this communication with distributors in other countries, the #JumpForPeace social media campaign was born. It was a joint decision to extend the support of the international jumper community to the victims of war who were experiencing the most traumatic moments of flight. To this end, we encouraged all lovers of this discipline to join in, regardless of the brands, and as a result, this great video was born:

 Watch #JumpForPeace video

While the whole world was jumping up and down to say a big NO TO WAR, communication with Anna Hura continued and we were soon able to make her a proposal for help. She was already in Hungary, where she found the support of the Aerower Hungary team and especially of its director Alexandra Horváth.


It was then that #UkraineKeepsJumping, the support programme for Aerower Ukraine team members who had to leave everything behind, was defined.

Goal of #UkraineKeepsJumping

The main goal of this campaign is very clear: to make it possible for the Ukrainian team members to rebuild their lives through exercise with jumpers.

Exercise with jumpers is a discipline that is defined by making health and wellness available to everyone. This is what the members of Aerower Ukraine worked for until they were dramatically forced to stop. Now, the wish of the international Aerower community is that they can do it again, while regaining their own wellbeing.

The #UkraineKeepsJumping campaign therefore focuses on providing useful tools to enable the Ukrainian instructors to return to the profession that makes them happy and thus achieve financial stability in their new places of residence.

What the support programme means

All Ukrainian trainers who have had to flee their country and who sign up for the support programme receive the following tools. No matter where they are in the world, they receive everything at no cost. The only requirement is that they are updated to the new Jumple Evolution training programme. This update is also completely free for all of them.

These are all the tools they receive:
1 pair of Aerower Jumper1+ for personal use.
10 pairs of Aerower Jumper1+ demo for use with students.
Participation in an affiliation system with very beneficial conditions. Each of them will be able to sell Aerower products with a significant commission and a very interesting discount for the customer.
Promotional and sales material to present the activity in sports centres or similar.
The right to appear on Aerower's public channels to make themselves known and start their network.

As you can see, all these tools are very much geared towards enabling Ukrainian Jumple Evolution instructors to return to teaching as soon as possible in their new places of residence. And, further down the line, they can also start selling Aerower products.

These tools also make them fitness professionals with a very interesting offer for all sports centres and individuals who are interested in this activity. They have the most excellent training in the sector, they have all the necessary material to carry out their work professionally and they also have the capacity to offer interesting discounts for the purchase of Aerower products.

Do you want to help Ukrainian instructors?

We have given them the tools, but you can also help them rebuild their lives. As we have indicated, the main goal of the Ukraine Keeps Jumping programme is to enable Ukrainian instructors to return to their professional work in their new places of residence. There are 3 very powerful ways in which you can help them.

The main help you could offer to these instructors is directly to offer them work or some kind of collaboration to develop, if you have the capacity and live close to one of them. Below, and in our social networks, we explain where each of them is located and what their contact details are.

Even if you are not close to any of them and cannot offer them a job or collaboration, you can also help them in a significant way. How? We encourage you to share this post and all the publications we make on our social networks. This way, more people will get to know the UKJ programme and each of the girls, and we will be able to find people interested in buying products from them, attending their classes or even hiring them as Jumple Evolution instructors.

Finally, if you would like to provide any specific assistance to the instructors or to the country, you can contact Anna Hura. She will be happy to tell you how to do so. Here are her contact details:

Instagram: @anna__hura
Facebook: @guraannavik

The faces behind Aerower Ukraine

Here are the Ukrainian Jumple Evolution instructors who are already part of the 'Ukraine Keeps Jumping' support programme. You can also find them on our Facebook and Instagram.

If you are interested in lending them a hand, we encourage you to check this blog post and our networks regularly, as the programme is still open to new additions and we will continue to announce new instructors joining the programme.




When the war ends

The first wish of the whole international Aerower and Jumple Academy community is emphatically that the war and any kind of violence ends immediately. When this happens, Aerower is ready to assist in the reconstruction of Aerower Ukraine, with support for the instructors who have stayed in the country and those who want to return.

We understand physical activity as a way of life, one of the most powerful tools to regain hope and motivation every day. Because it is one of the most powerful means we have to rebuild and keep our spirits high, especially exercise with jumpers, because of the feelings of inclusion, community and fun it brings to each of us.

It is also important to note that Aerower Ukraine continues to work in the interior of the country. Sales on the Ukrainian territory are still active through the official distributor Anna Hura, who with a lot of effort is ensuring the means to make it possible. The instructors who have remained in the country also want to continue working and spreading health and hope through exercise with jumpers.

An inspiring example

We would also like to take this opportunity to highlight the inspiration that the example of the Aerower Ukraine team inspires in all of us. All its members show their courage and resilience, their determination to carry on and their unwavering hope. Thank you for your example.

For further enquiries, you can contact Aerower, Jumple Academy or Aerower Ukraine through any of their media channels.

#UkraineKeepsJumping !!


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