New Liner J1+. An even better jumping experience

Posted 19 November 2021 by Mateo Gandía Barceló

The Aerower technical team has done it again. The jumping experience has been upgraded once again thanks to a key element in comfort and protection. The best sensation for your feet and ankles while you do what you enjoy the most.

Exercise with jumpers continues to evolve with Aerower

Within fitness, the exercise with jumpers is one of the disciplines that offers the best experience. For many reasons, especially fun and safety. These two aspects, together with the other benefits that this type of exercise can provide (non-impact exercise, increased calorie consumption, versatility, etc.), mean that more and more people are becoming passionate about these innovative exercises.

This is because what this new fitness discipline transmits to us is above all motivation. The experience of having fun like children in each session, finishing the classes without pain or exhaustion and having given it your all is incomparable.

Aerower's goal is always to enhance all these aspects, and the final experience of each athlete is at the centre of all its decisions. In this sense, it has made great jumps in its short but intense existence.

The creation of the Jumple Academy for the development and updating of the different types of training, or the construction of a powerful network of distributors who spread the #AerowerAttitude to all corners of the world.

But Aerower's first major evolution jump in the history of this fitness discipline was undoubtedly the launch of the Aerower Jumper1. This new model of jumpers (also called rebound boots or rebound shoes by many) became and remains the best model of this type of sports footwear:

exclusive technologies and systems that make them the safest and most versatile,

piece by piece testing and European manufacturing with the latest generation materials,

2-year guarantee on all components, etc.

You can find all the information about the characteristics of the Aerower Jumper1 here.

In short, the Aerower Jumper1 are the ones that offer the best experience to practice a discipline that is already in itself a great experience whenever we practice it.

However, Aerower always wants to go further. It is determined that we all continue to evolve together. To do this, it is committed to major projects such as the creation of new training programmes, but it also takes care of the small details that make the difference.

This is the case with the new Liner J1+. Let's remember that the liner is the padded and removable piece that goes inside the boot of the jumpers. Therefore, it is the part that is in the most direct contact with our body. So, improving this piece is to turn our jumps into a much more comfortable experience.


The development process of the new liners

When Carlos Peydró created the Jumper1, he took advantage of all the opportunities that this type of sports shoe offers. And he focused above all on the most important part, namely the rebound system. The rebound system is the heart of any jumper or rebound boot model. The most important characteristics depend on it: shock absorption, adaptation to the athlete, jump progression, etc.

The liner J1 (the original liner with which the Jumper1 was launched, and which has been kept until now) was also the most advanced for this type of rebound shoe, especially in terms of resistance and comfort. But it retained room for improvement, as it was still similar to previous models of jumpers.


It is this room for improvement that Aerower's technical team has now used to develop the new Liner J1+. The team has focused on providing ergonomic and technical improvements and a sportier and more practical look.

Several Jumple trainers were also involved in the process. They have done so as specialists in exercise with jumpers and have been responsible for testing the liners. What stands out most about the end result is the superior feeling of comfort and safety

The improvements brought by the new Liner J1+

This feeling of superior comfort has been achieved with new techniques and materials, which allow the best result according to the physiognomy of the feet and ankles. These are all the improvements you can find in the Liner J1+:

Ergonomic improvements

A more solid and softer consistency, which translates into greater comfort and safety.

Reinforcements in areas that need more protection.

Reinforced seams and elimination of seams and creases on the bottom to prevent wear and discomfort on the sole of the foot.

Technical improvements

The tape on the upper back of the liner makes it easier to put on the foot and remove from the boot.

The outer fabric is now made of a newly designed, more durable mesh.

A cross seam has been added to the centre of the tongue to better adapt to the shape and movements of the foot and instep, ensuring that the tongue stays in place during jumps.

A sportier design

The liner design is almost entirely black, except for some silver and white details. Gone are the white lines on the front and back.

The size is visible without having to look inside the liner, as it is now also specified on the upper back.

The design of the upper part of the shaft is no longer smooth, but now has two pieces of reinforcement against rubbing, where the ends of the strap are inserted.

For all these reasons, the name chosen is Liner J1+ (liner J1 plus). It conveys all these pluses incorporated into a component that was already present in the Jumper1, but which is an improved version.


Will the old liners still be available?

You have probably asked yourself several questions: how will the transition from one liner to the other take place, will the old ones remain available to the public, etc.? These are the points that define how this process will work:

1. The old liners are still available while stocks last.

2. The new liners are already available in our online shop.

3. Two models of jumpers will coexist in our shop, one with the old liner (Aerower Jumper1) and one with the new liner (Aerower Jumper1+), until the first one is out of stock.

In other words, you have the opportunity to feel your jumps more comfortable from now on with the new liner J1+. And for a limited time, you can also purchase the Liners J1 if that is the option you prefer.


Aerower is always listening to the suggestions of all its partners and all the athletes who use its products daily. The result of this is this new Liner J1+, Aerower's new creation to improve everyone's jumps. The evolution of jumpers does not stop and now the experience will be even better.

That's why we're looking forward to you trying them out and letting us know how you rate them. We'll read you in the comments.



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