Attract new customers and increase the loyalty of your students

with the jumper exercise and the Jumper1+ by Aerower

Do you want to see your students like this?

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They are already doing it in gyms in more than 40 countries!
Include the Jumper1 in your gym and take advantage of Aerower's benefits.


The Gyms Plan allows gyms and fiitness centres to purcase Jumper1, accessories and spare parts at very competitive prices.
As a gym you will have the latest models available to your users and will benefit from priority access to new releases.

>> Jumper1 the most advanced jumper ever.

The compound curve design of the rebound system is unique in the world.
It provides a more progressive and natural rebound creating a sensation of buoyancy throughout the the jump.
Total security on every jump. An improved security system prevents accidental opening during exercise.
Suitable for high intensity jumps. 4 arc resistances and an adaptable multiband for weights from 20 to 200 kg, allows its adaptation for people of any physical condition and training level.
Suitable for all surfaces. Non-slip sole and rebound system that does not leave any type of residue over time.
8 different colors of the rebound system. More than 500 different combinations
The multiband with 9 bands allows a precise adaptation and more than 200 hours of jumps.
4 different arc resistances . For people from 20kg to 200kg.
The Jumper1+ includes the new J1+ liner . The new design of the inner liner of the jumpers provides greater comfort and protection for the foot.
 Jumper1+ are manufactured in Europe with high quality quality.
Jump without worry and save money on spare parts thanks to the 2 year warranty.


>> Gym Plan benefits: Attract new users every month.

Configure your Jumper1+ pack with different size and resistance configurations.
From 129.83€ + VAT for each Jumper1 . Exclusive prices of the Gyms Plan.
Jumple training available for your instructors. Train fitness professionals to teach exercise classes with 100% safe and efficient jumpers.

Quick return on your investment in jumpers:
Rent the jumpers in the classes to the students who don't have their own.
Sell Jumper1+ and spare parts to your gym users.
Get a 15% minimum profit on each sale.

  Multiply x10 the benefits of your initial investment!
*Average gym impact according to a study of internal data in more than 40 countries.

>> Gyms Plan Requirements: Everything you need to start jumping.

Have a space where you can teach exercise classes with jumpers.
Make a minimum purchase of 10 pairs of Jumper1+ to activate the exclusive prices of the Gyms Plan.
Be willing to become a new reference in your city to practice exercise with jumpers with Aerower.