What are jumpers?

Jumpers are an athletic shoe adapted to exercise without impact on the joints. To a certain extent it is like jumping on a trampoline, but with freedom of movement. This freedom allows us to do almost any activity that can be done with conventional trainers: walking, running, dancing, jumping, bouncing, etc.

Behind this new type of sports footwear lies a whole world of possibilities, benefits and considerations related to a way of training like you've never experienced before. Fun and protection of your joints will be the main drivers that will allow you to do things you may have given up, and reach levels you may never have dared to dream of.

what jumpers are for?

If we could only use three words to define what jumpers are for, they would be: motivation, protection, results. It is very likely that, if you read on and try them out, you will end up thinking the same thing.
In order to ensure that exercise with jumpers is practised in the best possible way, Aerower created the Jumple Academy. It is the institution in charge of developing training programmes with jumpers according to the latest trends and research.
There are also people who simply use jumpers for walking or jogging without necessarily having a training plan in place. For them, Jumple Academy has put together the main recommendations and precautions so that they too can get the best results from their jumpers.

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The rebound system of the jumpers:
Its main components are:
Arcs. There are four models with different hardness to adapt to the weight of each person. 
Multibands: they are used to join the set, complete the elastic effect of the system and make a fine adjustment to the weight and constitution of each person.
Sole: thanks to its design and material, it prevents slipping and provides great stability.

The functioning of the rebound system is very easy to observe when we see someone doing sport with jumpers. The bows are flattened and the multiband (the tensor that connects them) is stretched by the action of our weight and the forces applied. Afterwards, the system is restored, the arcs regain their shape and the multiband is unstretched. Then what we call "flight" takes place again, which is the time when the jumper is not in contact with the ground.
In a very summarised way we could say that the operation of the jumpers or rebound boots is based on the flattening and recovery of the opposite arcs, and the tension and distension of the multiband, which works as a union between the arcs and helps the recovery of the system. And so the two main (and most fun) phenomena of exercising with jumpers occur. As the system flattens out, it absorbs the impact. As it recovers its shape, it propels us with all the accumulated force. The sensation is unique.

Benefits of Aerower's Jumper1
The Jumper1 have their own characteristics that in addition to increase the benefits of the exercise with jumpers as if you had a mini trampoline on each food, they will make you enjoy a unique experience that you will never forget.

These are the benefits to added benefits that you get when using Jumper1:
Get the perfect fit to your weight and your athletic condition thanks to the combination of 4 different arc resistors along with the different configurations of the multibanda, from which you can cut some of its 9 bands to achieve greater adaptation.
Protect your joints with impact cushioning by more than 80% by choosing the appropriate arch and band configuration.
The technologies developed and applied in Jumper1 make it possible for you to experience a progressive rebound that will make you enjoy every jump.
The boot consists of a highly functional closure system with 3 adjustable closures, easy to use and difficult to break.
Always keep your balance! Even when you standing, thanks to the design and distribution of boot weights and RS (Bounce System), you will mantain your stability on any surface.

Save money on spare parts thanks to the 2 year warranty offered by Aerower in all its components.
You can change the RS parts quickly, easily and without special tools in less than 2 minutes.
Make your jumpers unique! You can customize the color of your Jumper1 by choosing the color of each RS component with the Jumper1 Custom model. They are up to 512 possible color combinations!
Feel the happiness! The first thing you will do when putting on Jumper1 and making your first jump is smiling. :)

Benefits of the exercise with jumpers:

Let's look at what benefits have been proven in specific studies with jumpers::

1. The whole body benefits to the same extent from the perceived increase in gravitational-inertial force.

2. Musculoskeletal system.
Repeated contractions during jumping improve muscle tone, which strengthens muscles, tendons and ligaments.
Continuous cushioned impacts promote calcium binding and increase bone mineral density.
The repeated jumping motion stimulates muscle tissue and improves oxidative stress levels in our cells.

3. Body composition. The continuous and intense strength work performed with jumpers (due to the extra load they entail) causes:
Increase in lean mass (muscle).
Reduction of fat mass (adipose tissue).
Increased metabolism, which remains elevated for hours after training.

4. Circulatory system and heart muscle. Repeated muscle contractions:
Encourage venous return and prevent pooling caused by the action of gravity.
They regulate blood pressure.
They increase the production of red blood cells in the bones, due to the continuous cushioned impacts.

5. Respiratory system. Due to the positive effects on the circulatory and muscular systems, the following occurs:
Improved aerobic capacity and increases VO2 max.
Increased exercise tolerance (even in untrained people).

6. Lymphatic system. Repeated contractions stimulate its anti-gravitational circulation.

7. The functioning of the digestive system improves as the repetitive jumps facilitate its motility (movement).

8. Increase in coordination and physical capacities, which are the objective of each programme. 

9. Better body control and balance due to the constant activation of the proprioceptive mechanisms due to the change in posture (CDG and BDS).

10. Facilitates neuromuscular coordination because the CEA is activated with every jump.17

11. Injury prevention. Thanks to the cushioning of up to 80% that prevents the immediate and long-term effects of repetitive impacts that are transmitted to the different joints and cause wear and tear.

12. Increased general well-being. The feeling of weightlessness or buoyancy reduces stress and anxiety levels.

13. The most obvious for anyone who has been to a Jumple class: exceptional levels of fun and motivation! #AerowerAttitude

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   The ideal jump ... with Aerower, you will repeat!


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