10 ways the Jumper1 is adapting to today's fitness market

Posted 08 February 2022 by Alba Gómez Pomares

Everything we have learned from the pandemic.

Have users returned to sports centres after the pandemic? Has the fitness sector managed to adapt to the new reality? 

This is how jumpers are perfect for adapting to the trends for fitness in 2022.

The year 2020 brought the fitness industry to a general halt in terms of any expansion and development plans. The machines stopped to focus on another priority: adapting to the new situation caused by the pandemic.

The fitness sector was one of the hardest affected: practically all the world's sports centres had to close. The precautions taken to avoid contagion inevitably led to a change in the habits and training methods of users. This transformation is still visible more than a year later. For example, the population training online has risen from 5% to 30%[1] since the declaration of the most extreme health measures in March 2020.

But have users returned to sports centres? Has the fitness sector managed to adapt to the new reality?

imagenOn the one hand, 2021 has seen the reopening of the majority of gyms, something that had been occurring progressively after the initial months of tougher restrictions. This gradual return of users has taken place in most cases with measures to ensure safety. The most noteworthy measure in this sense has been the generalised reduction in capacity, something that has been highly valued by users, as the lower occupancy of sports centres has contributed to an increase in the satisfaction of active users, according to the latest research on customer experience by the consultancy firm OCP[2].

This satisfaction index reflects the wellbeing that users experience as they find more space and comfort for their workouts, and it also reflects the euphoria of many of them to return to their gym after a long period of time. Of course, this feeling is time-limited, and it is the task of the sports centres to provide everything necessary to keep users motivated.

On the other hand, 2021 has also shown that it is essential for all of us who are professionally involved in fitness to be alert, to be aware of the changes and trends in the sector. Only in this way will we be able to keep up to date, adapt to the global context and to the new habits and preferences of consumers.

One of the most important sources for keeping abreast of fitness trends[3] is the annual report of the ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine)[4]. Below, we take a look at 10 of the fitness trends for 2022 from that report. Together with our experience in marketing jumpers and related products, and having experienced an increase in demand and sales during the pandemic, we will try to answer several questions, including: what are the new opportunities in the fitness industry, where do jumpers fit in?


1. Gym at home

After the sudden outbreak of the pandemic, extreme confinement and the closure of gyms, many people looked for ways to continue training at home. This was the time when products such as bicycle rollers or treadmills ran out, when users rescued old, forgotten equipment or when home-made (sometimes very rudimentary) solutions emerged, such as the use of water bottles as weights.

In addition to solving the problem of access to training equipment, users also sought solutions to compensate for the lack of a physical trainer. As a result, downloading workout routines from the internet and watching online classes skyrocketed.

Those weeks of isolation at home prompted many to discover the advantages of training at home, without the need to move and with more flexibility in schedules. As a result, there is now an abundance of training equipment available for use at home. Thus, home gyms appear for the first time among the top 10 fitness trends for the coming year in the ACSM list.

These new demands from the public also affected exercise with jumpers, in a very positive way. Thanks to the versatility of jumpers, an athletic shoe that is easy to carry and can be used on any surface, exercising with jumpers at home proved to be a great opportunity for many to continue training despite the circumstances.

Together with the online classes of the multitude of Jumple instructors around the world and the fun they provide, this exercise has become one of the most adaptable activities for the home environment. As a result, from March 2020, Aerower sales increased significantly, the number of official distributors increased and existing distributors were able to establish themselves and grow, with the consequent creation of more jobs.

2. Outdoor fitness activities

One of the first regulations that appeared after the reopening of gyms to avoid contagion was the compulsory ventilation or the priority use of open spaces for sports activities.

Participants meet in streets, parks or school playgrounds to train under the guidance of their coaches. This trend appeared in 2010, and it is from the year 2021 that it appears in the top positions.

Before the pandemic, there were already outdoor events with jumpers, but as a result of the restrictions, many groups took their training and classes outdoors, and this has unintentionally been a focus of attraction for new users. Many people have found out about the activity while walking around their cities, have been encouraged to try it and have discovered the benefits of being able to practice the activity with jumpers from anywhere and with maximum safety.


3.  Strength training with free weights

As you know, free weight training consists of performing activities with external elements such as barbells, kettlebells or dumbbells, to build muscle and gain strength. With these elements, the activity performed is free, i.e., there is no guide that marks the movements to be performed, as is the case with gym machines such as ellipticals or rowing machines. For this reason, it is essential that instructors teach the correct way to perform each exercise, so that, as well as improving strength, incorrect postures that could cause injury are avoided. Once the technique has been learnt, the exercises are developed to progressively increase resistance.

Exercising with jumpers is also a form of free weight training, in which an increase in strength and muscle mass is achieved by carrying an additional weight load on the feet (approximately 1.5 kg per boot). With Jumple programmes that allow periodisation, the basic exercises are taught, and the intensity is progressively increased to improve results.

4. Exercise for weight loss

The pandemic, confinement and mobility restrictions have led to increased sedentary lifestyles and weight gain in many cases. In response to this situation, there has been an increased demand for diet programmes that include some form of activity and exercise routine in addition to calorie restriction. Weight loss continues to be one of the main motivations for people to exercise, because of the desire to look good and to maintain appropriate levels of self-esteem. That is why this year, exercise for weight loss has moved up the list of trends for 2021.

When it comes to exercising with jumpers, losing weight is one of the main reasons why users decide to try it, as great improvements are evident in a shorter period of time than would be the case with other activities.

The weight loss is mainly due to the intensity of the activity in the case of the Jumper1, which also adds strength work for the extra load. This combination allows the reduction of adipose tissue and the increase of metabolism (even in the hours after the workout) in a healthy way, since in addition to an improvement in body composition, other systems such as the circulatory, respiratory and lymphatic systems are also improved. In addition, exercising with jumpers improves the functioning of the digestive system because the repetitive jumps facilitate its motility.


5. Personal training

The pandemic has also had an impact on personal training, as many users have tried working out with personal trainers online. This option protects them from possible contagions and allows them to set a schedule at their convenience, as well as forgetting about waiting lists and waiting times due to capacity in gyms.

One of the main virtues of a personal trainer is personalisation in detail, as they offer each user a unique and adapted training plan, in which they detail the most appropriate goals and objectives, which are reviewed with constant monitoring. The increase in demand for these services has led to an expansion of the personal trainer market, where prices are now more competitive and accessible than before the pandemic. 

The programmes of the Jumple Academy, training institution created by Aerower, include the feature that they can be formulated as a training plan. This makes it possible to plan sessions, schedule objectives, periodise, etc., which makes it possible to evolve the training and provide fun, effective, safe classes with better results.

In order to personalise the activity as much as possible, Jumple Academy is already working on future specific training programmes to train personal trainers to use the jumpers. In this way personal trainers will be able to expand specific techniques and exercises by including the Jumper1, which will give them added value and distinguish them from their competitors. imagen


In addition to looking for an attractive training format, users also want to exercise their body in the right way to achieve visible results as quickly as possible. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) allows you to exercise in a short period of time with a higher calorie burn. This type of training has been very well received due to our frenetic pace of life, in which we seek to obtain the highest performance in the shortest time.

In relation to training with jumpers, a 45-minute Jumple session produces an improvement in overall body composition. The continuous and intense strength work carried out with jumpers due to the type of exercise (jumps) and the extra load they entail, causes an increase in lean mass which increases muscle tissue, and at the same time also produces a reduction in fat mass. In addition, as we have already indicated, exercise with jumpers causes an increase in metabolism, which remains high during the hours following the workout.

7. Online and on-demand classes

After the 2020 confinement that meant the forced closure of gyms and sports centres, trainers had to look for alternatives to continue giving classes, and in the best case scenario, to continue invoicing. To continue offering their activities, they mainly chose the video call format, through platforms such as Zoom or YouTube, or through social networks, especially Facebook and Instagram. These options offered users the convenience of conducting classes from anywhere, maintaining interaction with the trainer and remaining active during the most severe confinement.

At Aerower we also joined this phenomenon and developed online festivals where Jumple instructors and trainers could offer their classes and make themselves known in other parts of the world. The first was the WeJumple Online Fest 2020, followed by the WeJumple RELOAD streaming festival 2021.

After the relaxation of health restrictions, we have continued to include live streaming in the main masterclasses and events we have held, such as the WeJumple Pride Party'21 or the presentation of the new Jumple Evolution training programme at the Arnold Sports Festival Europe. We know that the online format is here to stay, because the pandemic has pushed us all to discover its advantages. That is why we will continue to include the online events and the broadcasting of the live events (both the online event classes and the event videos are still available on our Youtube channel, for all those users who want to try the Jumple classes from home).

The pandemic also led to the birth of the Jumple instructor courses in online format. Given their success and the fact that they allow Jumple trainers to reach more places and instructors to train without having to travel, by 2021 they will have reached the same level of importance as face-to-face courses.

8. Exercise programmes for older people

Fitness activities are no longer focused only on the younger market. The increased quality of life in recent decades has enabled older people to feel fitter for longer. In order to stay active, many of them are looking for options to  keep fit with appropriate activities.


During the pandemic, older people were the most disadvantaged because they were at risk of disease and had weaker immune systems. Those who were already active were unable to attend due to the confinement and closure of activities, and unlike other groups, access to online classes is not as easy for them.

The type of activities for older people are different from those for young people in that they have more functional content, aimed at maintaining skills and abilities for everyday life. In addition, older people generally have a higher purchasing power which allows them to buy services focusing more on the benefits and quality they bring and without having to decide so much on the price. There is, therefore, a very interesting market for fitness that was a bit forgotten and that through adapted and fun activities can cover the demand and the existing needs of the older population.

Exercise with jumpers is suitable for people of any age from 6 years old, as the different configurations of arcs and multibands of the Jumper1 allow a precise adaptation to the weight and physical condition of each person. In addition, compared to other more aggressive activities, exercise with jumpers, thanks to the shock absorption of up to 80%, prevents injuries and protects the joints. Likewise, the continuous cushioned impacts favour calcium fixation and increase bone mineral density, improving the problem of osteoporosis, which is very common in advanced age. There are no excuses!

9. Recruitment of certified fitness professionals

Safe sports practice requires technical, specific and adequate knowledge. Once again this year, the importance of hiring certified training professionals through educational programmes and certification programmes is highlighted. The pandemic has led to a certain intrusiveness in the fitness market, as the confinement and desire for entertainment has meant that anyone has been able to get in front of their smartphone camera to conduct a live training class through any social network and reach thousands of people, without having to prove their knowledge or previous experience.

Jumple Academy programmes are scientifically based and research-referenced the biomechanics of exercise with jumpers and training. The Jumple courses train instructors and trainers to perform the exercise with jumpers activity with a background that provides them with the necessary knowledge to conduct professional and safe classes. In addition, one of the requirements for training and teaching Jumple classes is to have an official fitness qualification related to the Jumple programme to be carried out (choreographic base, directed activities, etc.). In this way, we ensure that our future instructors have a basic knowledge of physiology, anatomy, training theory, etc., to become excellent instructors.


10. Functional training

Functional training allows you to perform exercises that mimic everyday activities such as sitting or carrying groceries, but with the use of the right technique they improve balance, coordination, muscle strength and endurance. These exercises take into account the physical characteristics of each person, so they are very well adapted to their physical conditions. Overall, it improves body image and provides a healthier lifestyle, and is especially useful for adults and clinical populations.

In relation to exercise with jumpers, the use of the Aerower Jumper1 improves body control and balance by the constant activation of proprioceptive mechanisms due to the change in posture (they vary the centre of gravity and affect our base of support). It also improves neuromuscular coordination through jumping work. Depending on the objective of each Jumple programme, more emphasis is placed on specific coordinative and physical capacities.


A fundamental aspect of the exercise with jumpers is that it is a very fun activity that makes physical exercise accessible to all types of people, even the untrained. The shock absorption of up to 80% of the impact on the joints produced by the jumpers increases general well-being thanks to the sensation of weightlessness or buoyancy, an effect that produces a decrease in the levels of stress and anxiety caused by our rhythm of life. This pleasurable state provides a great adherence to the activity, increasing motivation and the possibilities of continuing to practice this activity even after having achieved the expected results. It turns users into loyal customers.

With all the benefits of exercising with jumpers, its easy adaptability to most circumstances, as demonstrated during the pandemic, and the correlation with the upcoming trends in the fitness market by 2022, we have evidence to believe that it will continue to be a growing activity for years to come, reaching a larger market share every year.

Every day, since 2016 and already present in more than 50 countries, we develop products and training programmes with the main objective of making thousands of people around the world enjoy and jump.

And you, are you ready to take the jump?

If you are interested in increasing your market share with the Jumper1, or you want to include jumpers among the activities in your gym, contact us.

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