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Jumper1 Custom, express yourself

Jump ... at the forefront of the latest generation of jumpers! The ideal solution to move your body in all directions, also up and down, and feel those moments of weightlessness that won't let you stop. If you are looking for something fun while you exercise, this is complete and safe, that takes you and that you can take anywhere, what you need are the Jumper1 from Aerower. The exclusive and patented rebound system made in Europe by Aerower, is the result of more than 20 years of development and evolution.

What do you think will be the greatest advantage of Aerower jumpers for you? Its remarkably progressive rebound system that allows you to make both smooth and intense jumps? Its unmatched adaptability to your weight? Its great stability and security? The durability and reliability of its components that ensures you hundreds of hours of jumps without worrying about maintenance? The two-year guarantee that it offers?

The Jumper1 are the rebound footwear that best suits you: your size, your weight and your physical condition. The rebound system incorporated by Aerower prevents the impact of each jump from being transmitted to your body and allows you to jump smoothly almost as if you were floating or walking on a mattress, it's like having an elastic mini bed on each foot. It is simply fun!

Try it. It is very easy to jump with the Jumpers1. Without help, you just have to start walking and, little by little, jump alternately with each foot. Soon you will feel as agile as a child. Of course, you should pay more attention to what you have on your head than to the ground.

They are also perfect for conducting directed classes jumping to the rhythm of the music or going for a run and improving your workouts, with which you avoid the risks of injury thanks to the reduction of the impact on your joints and the musculoskeletal system even in a 80%. You will notice a better a in your physical state and a greater agility after using them. Jumpers1 allow for great physical activity even for those with physical conditions that prevent them from doing many other types of exercise.

How to choose my Jumper1

You can get all the benefits of jumping with the Jumpers1 using the right combination of resistors and multi-bands. Just choose your foot size and check that your weight is within the indicated range or, better, indicate your weight more precisely so that we send them to you adjusted and Ready to jump!

If you click on "Options and help" you will be able to see in detail the adjustment that we are going to make or choose to do the adjustment and / or assembly of the Jumpers1 yourself and save yourself the cost of assembly that will be automatically reflected in the price of the product. Here you can download the manual in case you want to find out before how to do it. Regardless of how we serve the jumpers, the box includes tools and everything necessary for assembly.

Jumper1 are not a toy, jump and have fun under your risk. 


  • The return request deadline is 15 (fifteen) calendar days from the order receipt.
  • Before making a product return or change, you must fill out the Return form in aerower.com/warranty.
  • Any product that you want to change or return must always be made with the original and intact packaging and labeling, conveniently packaged in its original box and properly protected. The product to be returned must be in the same state in which it was received, which will be determined by our staff.
  • If the reason for the return is due to a product flaw, damage or because it doesn´t correspond to the product purchased, Aerower will be responsible for the return of the merchandise to the recipient. The courier company will contact you to pick up the goods to be returned.
  • If the return is due to personal reasons (you do not like it, you don´t feel well with it or you have changed your mind), you must send us the carriage-paid deliveries for the article(s) to the following address: Aerower, C/ Alfaz Del Pi 14, Zip Code: 03530 La Nucia, Alicante (SPAIN)
  • Upon Aerower receipt of the package, we will confirm the condition of the product(s), and return the amount of the returned item(s) (excluding the costs of the first shipment), within the next 10 working days upon receipt.
  • If the recipient has rejected the goods without stating the reason in the carrier delivery form, Aerower will not be responsible for forwarding expenses. In this case, the sum for the item(s) that have been returned, but not the shipping charges, will be refunded.


When you have successsfully placed your online order, you´ll receive an email with the courier information that will be responsible for delivering your order and the tracking number so you can follow it up. This email may take up to 1 (one) working day.

  • For shipments within Spain, the delivery time will be 3 (three) working days (approximately).
  • For shipments within Europe, the delivery time will be 3-7 (three to seven) working days (approximately).
  • For shipments to the rest of the world, the delivery time will be 5-15 (five to fifteen) working days (approximately).
If you have any question, don´t hesitate to contact us on aerower.com/contact

IMPORTANT: On some models the delivery time may be higher, see the description of each product for additional information

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