FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions of Aerower

Know the answers to the most frequently asked questions about Aerower.

What is Aerower?

    Aerower is a company dedicated to fitness activity .

    Specifically, Aerower offers products and services related to exercise with jumpers . Our flagship product is Jumper1 (rebound shoes) and our main service is training and support for fitness professionals.

    Get to know us better thoroughly here .

Why does aerower represent the evolution of jumper exercise?

    Our R&D department has professionals with more than 20 years in the sector and has developed more than 10 innovative technologies and systems for the design of the Jumper1.

    The design of the Jumper1 is the most recent on the market and incorporates all the changes that have been necessary in the world of jumpers for years. Meanwhile, our competitors continue to exploit decades-old designs. Some of the most notable advances of the Jumper1 are:
    Manufacture in the EU.
    200kg load capacity.
    200 hours of duration of the multiband.
    The system with the most precise adaptation to each person.
    Development of the test program piece by piece 100% Aerower Quality.
    Drakkar soles with maximum stability and adherence.

    Result: the best jumping and rebound experience .

    In addition, Aerower also represents innovation in the training of instructors and fitness professionals, through the Jumple Academy . Based on the latest research and trends in fitness, sports training, and biomechanics, Jumple Academy programs and trainings are unbeatable for jumper success. Meet the Academy here .

when and where aerower was created?
    Although its official presentation to the world was at the IHRSA 2016 in Mexico, Aerower was born in La Nucia (Spain) , where its headquarters are located.
    La Nucia is a city with a strong sports vocation and from here we coordinate our extensive international distribution network.

HOW is the human team of aerower?
    Aerower's human team is very extensive.
    At its headquarters in La Nucia (Spain) Aerower has the team in charge of organizing all the activity that revolves around the brand at an international level. From there, it coordinates the creation of new training courses and products, logistics and marketing, among other aspects.
    Since Aerower products are already present in more than 50 countries , there is a great human team that supports the work of selling products and accessories, customer service, promoting the activity, etc. These are the official Aerower distributors and their respective work teams .
    There is also a large human team that supports the training and classes for students in accordance with the Jumple Academy programmes. In this case, we are talking about Jumple trainers and their teams of Jumple instructors .

How can aerower help me?

    If you are an active person interested in sports, Aerower makes it very easy for you to evolve . It doesn't matter if you are a professional (instructor or entrepreneur) or just a restless person who wants to have fun, exercising with jumpers will help you get closer to your goals and enjoy the process.

    If you want to jump with jumpers :

    Aerower offers you the most advanced jumpers, suitable for any age and physical condition. For you to get them, we offer you the best purchase conditions (through our official sellers or aerower.com) and a 2-year guarantee. Once you have obtained your Aerower Jumper1, Jumple Academy and its instructors will lead you to success .


    Entrepreneur, instructor or gym owner, we have the best professional offer for you! In addition to making it as easy as possible for you to start or continue your fitness career with our products, we will offer you extensive support and personal attention.

Why choose aerower over other fitness brands?

    We love all the proposals that emerge every day in fitness, and we take an interest in them to learn and integrate their strongest points into our offer of fun, safety and versatility.

    Surely that is our strongest point compared to other fitness brands: the integration of fitness trends and sports training . It is so because the exercise with jumpers allows it.

    On the one hand, the jumpers are sports shoes suitable for practically any type of activity and the Aerower Jumper1 are the most adaptable to the physical condition of each person. You can do anything, but with the added bonus of cushioning and the unique feeling of rebound.

    On the other hand, Jumple Academy strives to respond to all possibilities and incorporate new trends . That's why you'll find the best tips for the main activities you can do with jumpers(running, dancing, jumping...) and the most updated training programmes in the line with current trends.

Why choose aerower over other exercise brands with jumpers?

    Here are some of the reasons why every day people trust us:
    The most precise personalization and adaptation . During the process of preparing your jumpers, we will select them piece by piece, keeping in mind your size, weight and chosen color, in order to offer you the best experience..
    For the design of the Jumper1, Aerower's R&D department has developed up to 10 innovative technologies and systems to offer jumpers with the highest quality and safety standards on the market.

    We manufacture in the EU and test 100% of the parts of our rebound system, offering the highest reliability on the market.

    More resistance and durability thanks to the materials used in the manufacture of the components of the Jumper1, which allow our system to support up to 10 kg. more and that each of its components have a useful life of at least 120 hours more than that of our closest competitor market.
    2-year warranty , the longest in the industry.
    Competitive price , thanks to the optimization and reduction of costs derived from the control of the entire manufacturing process and shipment from our headquarters in La Nucia, Spain.
    Aerower is the only jumper brand with a patent in force .
    Jumple Evolution is the most recently developed jumper exercise program. Furthermore, it is constantly updated and expanded by the Jumple Academy team.

What is exercise with jumpers?

    The term "exercise with jumpers" covers the multiple and very diverse practices that can be performed with this type of footwear. With this term, we avoid limiting or confusing ourselves with other forms of exercise or the use of other types of equipment.


    Aerower's flagship product is undoubtedly the Aerower Jumper1 . It also offers a series of accessories for exercising with jumpers , such as the Koala Bag, socks for jumping with jumpers, covers to protect and personalize your jumpers or sportswear.

    Likewise, it offers the possibility of buying the different parts of the Jumper1 separately , to be able to customize your jumpers or replace some parts depending on their condition or the activity you are going to carry out.

    By the way, many of our products are compatible with other brands .

what services does aerower offer?

    Aerower strives to offer the best pre-sales and post-sales services to each user of its products, no matter where they are in the world.

    For this reason, it has created and continues to expand a solid international distribution network that offers close customer service and reduces costs and delivery times for each user . All services are also accessible on aerower.com from anywhere in the world.

    Aerower is also concerned that the users of its products enjoy themselves to the maximum, obtain the benefits they expect and do so safely . That's why I created the Jumple Academy , which offers the best tips for exercising with jumpers and trains instructors from around the world in the most advanced training programs in the industry.

    For professionals:

    In order to ensure that every user of Aerower products and every student of the Jumple classes always have a great experience, Aerower offers extensive support to all its sellers, official instructors and collaborating sports centers.  Work and promotion materials, manuals, tutorials, music, improvement of conditions, etc.


    The system of Aerower Quality™ is the set of quality tests we perform on all parts of our rebound system. The Aerower Quality™ system is unique in the world and has been developed according to the most demanding European standards.

    We cannot reveal the detailed testing process to you, but it basically consists of subjecting each and every one of the pieces to a controlled stress process that demonstrates that it meets the standards that ensure its optimal operation.

    Therefore, the products that include the Aerower Quality™ seal are completely reliable and durable.

Where can I buy official aerower boots and accessories?
What is the difference if I buy through aerower.com or through a distributor?

    The coverage and conditions will be exactly the same, but if you buy through the Aerower distributor closest to you, you will reduce your time and shipping costs. This is especially recommended in countries outside the European Union or with high customs fees.

    In addition, by buying through the distributor, you will be contributing to the development of the exercise with jumpers in your area . The distributor will be able to offer more activities, events, offers, etc.

    Last but not least, by buying through an Aerower dealer, you are helping reduce your carbon footprint with a more sustainable purchasing process.

    If you don't know your nearest Aerower dealer closest to you, contact us so that we can provide you with their information.

How can I work at aerower?

    Our team is growing all over the world! If you want to dedicate yourself professionally to exercising with jumpers, contact us, we have many things to tell you.

    If you want to sell Aerower products: go here .

    If you want to be a Jumple instructor : go here .

    If you want to incorporate the activity in your center : go here .

    If you want to work in the head office: go here .

what are jumper1?
    They are a type of sports shoe with which you can walk, run, dance, jump, etc., but without impact . In a way, wearing them is like jumping on a trampoline, but with freedom of movement .
    Its pieces are (from top to bottom): outer boot, removable liner, adjustable fasteners, support, arcs, top, multiband and sole.
    With them you will get motivation, protection and results . They will allow you to improve any type of exercise. In addition, Aerower has created the Jumple Academy to research jumper activity and generate the most advanced training programs in line with the latest trends in fitness.
    Among its most outstanding benefits are the reinforcement of the musculoskeletal system, injury prevention, fat loss and increase of muscle mass, improvement of the cardiovascular system, better body control and balance, or the increase of general wellbeing. 

    The Aerower Jumper1+ will allow you to do things you may have given up on. You will be able to reach levels that you may never have dared to dream of.

    Read the full article about this type of running shoe here .


    Its functioning is very simple to observe. The 2 main (and most fun) phenomena are:

    1. As the system flattens, they absorb the impact.
    2. Upon regaining their shape, they propel us with all the accumulated force.

    The sensation is unique!


    If we could only use 3 words, they would undoubtedly be: motivation, protection and results.
    Roughly speaking, they can be used as a conventional sports shoe. We can use them to walk, dance, jump, jog, etc.
    Its main differentiating value is impact absorption, which is up to 80% when the RS is well customized. That's why people with joint problems find them a great solution for exercising. 
    There is a Jumper1 for each person, due to its great versatility, both to adapt to each person and to adapt to any activity.
    But these are the 3 main purposes for which the Jumper1 are used:
    1. Attending  Jumple classes , according to one of the Jumple Academy training plans .
    2. Walking or jogging , in accordance with Jumple Academy recommendations..
    3. High-performance or professional-level training using jumpers as regular footwear or as a possible accessory.


    The price of the Jumper1 depends on several factors, such as the resistance of the arcs or if they are special edition models or colors.

    To find out the price of the Jumper1 go to aerower.com/shop and choose the one you like best and that best suits you. Next, you will be able to know what its price is and the shipping costs to your country.

    Ask us if you want to know if there is an official Aerower distributor in your area.


    The only difference between both models is that the Jumper1 includes the new liner, the J1+ liner . The design of this liner has been improved to increase protection and comfort.

    Know all the improvements that the Liner J1+ incorporates

    Jumper1 models and the J1 liner will only be available while stocks last.

Where can I buy Jumper1 and official Aerower accessories?

    Our recommendation is that you make your purchases through your nearest official dealer . You will have the same coverage, but save time and money, and contribute to a smaller carbon footprint. Contact us if you still do not know your closest salesperson so that we can provide you with their data.

    You can also buy your Aerower products through our online store or the different marketplaces where we are present.


    We currently do not offer a discount to the public for the purchase of more than one pair of Jumper1. However, it is possible that some of our distributors have special offers available. Ask us so we can inform you who your nearest distributor is.

    You can also visit the section of  Gyms and Distributors if you are interested in acquiring the Jumper1 for your gym or to distribute them in your territory.

    There are only 3 things to take into account: size, rebound system and model .

    Here you can find the equivalences of the conventional sizes with those of the Jumper1 boot. Print it out and put your bare foot on it if in doubt. If you are between two sizes, it is always better to choose the larger size. 

    rebound system
    According to your weight and physical condition, you must choose a hardness of arcs and a certain number of bands. In this table you will see it is very simple.

    Finally, choose the model that most motivates you or create your own by combining the colors of the different pieces. There are over 500 possibilities!

What is the minimum and maximum size of jumper1?

    The smallest size of Jumper1 is XS, which corresponds to USM2, USW3, EU33, 21 cm .

    Jumper1's largest size is XL, which corresponds to USM11, USW12, EU45, 29 cm .

    The Jumper1 boot is available in 5 sizes (XS, S, M, L and XL), which correspond to conventional sizes as follows:
    If you are between two sizes, it is always more advisable to choose the higher one. And, in case of doubt, you can print this size sheet and put your bare foot on it to make sure:

    The multiband is one of the masterpieces of the Aerower Jumper1. They allow us to adjust the resistance of the rebound system to our weight and physical condition. Cutting bands serves, therefore, to reach the 80% of damping that jumpers offer, obtaining all the benefits and the best rebound sensation.

    If you order your Jumper1 at aerower.com/shop or through a distributor, the Jumper1 with the bands already adapted to your weight, you will receive them ready.
    But if you prefer to do it yourself, it is very simple. All you need is a pair of cutting pliers and take a look at the Customised resistance table. According to your weight and physical condition, the chart wil tell you how many bands you should cut. Remember to start with the central ones and never cut the outer ones.
    Feel free! Cutting bands does not affect the warranty of your Jumper1 or your multibands.
    We have prepared a tutorial to make it easy fro yoou.


    If you don't cut any multiband and the custom resistance table recommends you to do it according to your weight and the resistance of your arcs, in addition to not obtaining an adequate rebound , you will not be able to fully enjoy the benefits of the cushioning provided by the Aerower rebound system.

    Another inconvenience is that the arcs can be broken by exerting too much force with the multiband on them. Unfortunately, this case will be out of warranty, since the breakage would be due to misuse.

    On the contrary, if you have cut the multibands as recommended by the table, the guarantee will remain valid for them and the rest of the pieces.

ARE jumper1 assembled?

    If you make the purchase through aerower.com we offer you two options: we send you the Jumper1 assembled and unassembled.

    Through the printed manual (included with the Jumper1) or in its online version  (aerower.com/manual ), you can easily assemble your Jumper1 without effort and only with the help of an allen key, also included.

    If you make the purchase through your distributor, he will tell you if the assembly of the jumpers is included.


    Although it may seem the opposite, we have good news: you already have all the skills you need to use a Jumper1.

    Its sole with retractable bumpers and wider than the boot forms a stable base even when standing still, and its material provides perfect grip, even on wet surfaces. They are almost as stable as conventional sports shoes.
    To start jumping and always maintain the best technique, here are a few tips for beginners.

    After that, all that's left to do is start enjoying these free classes offered by Jumple Academy.


    The Jumper1s do not require any type of special maintenance, but here are some tips to always keep them in optimal conditions.

    Liners : regular cleaning in the washing machine or by hand, at a temperature of 30 C. Do not tumble dry.

    Soles and multibands : clean after outdoor use.

    Fasteners: If you notice that it is difficult to open and close them, put a little machine oil on the metal parts.

    Rebound systems : especially if you use your jumpers outdoors, periodically disassemble the system and clean all components thoroughly with water to avoid premature wear.

    See the extensive explanation on the Aerower blog


    Although the multiband is the part of the Jumper1 that receives the most wear and tear, its lifespan in optimal conditions lasts more than 200 hours of use .

    For a normal frequency of use (twice a week), we recommend changing them every 2 years .

    You should change them sooner if you notice a wear on their properties and the rebound is not optimal. This occurs when the rebound system is compressed too much and then takes longer to recover. What you will notice is that you go down more and then it doesn't propel you as much.

    Tip : Always keep them clean and in a place protected from the sun and extreme temperatures.

were are jumper1 made?

    Aerower products are Made in Europe , and all parts of our rebound system are rigorously quality controlled to the highest European quality standards.

¿Qué controles de calidad pasan las jumper1?
    According to the highest European quality standards, all the parts of our rebound system are tested one by one . This testing has been incorporated into the manufacturing process as a final step. All parts that do not pass the tests are discarded.
    These tests are what have given rise to the Aerower Quality™ seal . Thus, you can jump with complete peace of mind and with the most extensive guarantee : 2 years for all our products and parts.

¿Puedo utilizar el sistema de rebote de aerower con otras marcas?
    Yes! Therefore, if you already have jumpers from another brand, we encourage you to gradually update them with Aerower products. Begin your jump to evolution.
    More specifically, the Aerower rebound system is compatible with the old KJ XR, KJ XR2 and KJ XR3. You can change just the multiband or the entire rebound system to take full advantage of the Aerower's rebound benefits for a complete jumping experience.


    Yes, from the highest levels of humidity and temperature down to -30 C.  In other words, any temperature outside will be bearable for them . The materials of the Jumper1 are ready to withstand adverse conditions in complete safety.

    Tip for heat and humidity : after the activity, store them in a place where they do not receive direct sunlight and the temperature is not too high. This will prevent premature wear.

    Tip for cold: do a few gentle jumps before you start. This will warm up the material and your Jumper1 will work in optimal conditions and suffer less wear and tear.

From what height can I jump with the jumper1?

    The Jumper1 is a shoe designed for the impulse from the ground and the cushioning of that same jump. You can push yourself with all your might to get off the ground and they will always hold up.

    But you should not jump with them between surfaces with a big difference in height, because the benefits of cushioning will disappear. The rebound system is not designed to withstand that force and will collapse completely.

    The RS rebound system incorporates anti-collapse elements such as the stopper and the design of its multibands, which make it very difficult to break in extreme jumps. But prolonged misuse will cause the arcs of your jumpers to break .


    The Jumper1 are suitable for children from 6 years old and there is no maximum age to be used.

    It is not a question of age, but of sizes (the Jumper1 are available from 33 EU / 2 USM to 45 EU / 11 USM), and that there are no medical contraindications.

Who can't use jumpers?

    Unfortunately, people with craniovertebral instability, retinal detachment or pregnant women cannot exercise with jumpers.
    There are also other relative contraindications to use jumpers, which will require some adaptation. If in doubt, please  contact the Jumple Academy professionals..

Why are the Jumper1 the most durable on the market?

    There are several reasons, all related to the search for excellence in the entire design and manufacturing process.
    The Jumper1+ is the most recent design in this type of footwear, with up to 10 new technologies and systems that make them the most perfected model .
    They also incorporate the most advanced materials that best respond to the function of each piece. In addition, the Jumper1 is manufactured in Europe and their parts are tested one by one according to the most demanding European standards, gathered under the Aerower Quality™ seal.
    That's why Aerower's Jumper1 offers up to 120 hours longer life than our closest competitors. As a result, you can enjoy the best rebound experience, full confidence in all your jumps and the longest warranty: 2 years .


    The Strenght customization chart has been designed considering the normal activity that is given to the jumpers.

    If you are in a very good physical condition, and you are going to exercise with high intensity jumpers, you can add 5 or 10 kg. to your weight and see which configuration of arches and multibands is the most suitable for your weight on the resistance table .

Where is the best place to jump with the Jumper1?

    The Drakkar sole of the Jumper1 has been designed to protect them from any type of surface and to protect any surface from your jumps. In addition, they offer maximum grip, even on water or snow.
    So the best place to jump with the Jumper1 is the place you find most motivating!

    The Jumper1 with the Xtra Hard arc resistance and the 9 multi-bands can support a weight of up to 200 kg .

What are the shipping costs?

    Shipping costs vary depending on the country of destination and whether the purchase is made directly from aerower.com or through an Aerower distributor.

    The most recommended is to always make the purchase through your nearest distributor . This way the expenses (and the shipping time) will be less for you. You can ask us for your nearest distributor if you don't know it yet.

    In our online store , during the purchase process, after entering your shipping address and before proceeding with the payment, you will be able to see what the shipping costs are for your order.

How much time does my order take to arrive?

    As soon as we receive the payment of your order, we prepare it and send it. The time it takes until it reaches you is approximately the following:

    Spain: 2 working days.

    Rest of Europe: 4-5 working days.

    Rest of the world: 7-15 working days.

    You can track your order through the link we send you when your order leaves our facilities.

How can I track my shipment?
    Once your order leaves our facilities, you will receive an email from the transport company with the tracking number. With this number you will be able to know at all times where your order is and what the estimated delivery date is.
    That email is sometimes detected as spam, please also check that folder in your email inbox.


    All the transport companies we work with are of recognised prestige. The most common are Correos Express, SEUR, SKY Net and Envialia.

    Normally all orders are sent by airfreight. 

    The company that will ship your order will vary depending on your address and the size of your order. Our shipping system allows us to choose the fastest carrier to deliver your order every day. 

    Most orders placed through aerower.com are shipped from our central warehouse, located in La Nucia (Alicante, Spain) .
    In certain cases, even if the order is placed through aerower.com, the nearest distributor is responsible for delivering the order. In this way, your order will arrive sooner, with much lower shipping costs and greater respect for the environment.
    When this happens, we will inform you, and the shipping costs that you will pay will be only those corresponding from the distributor's warehouse to your address.

Do I have to pay duties and taxes for the shipment?
    The payment of taxes depends on the country of  destination. Shipments made outside the Customs Territory of the European Union or any other area with which it may have commercial agreements, may be taxed in the country of destination by the competent authority to apply the corresponding customs duty or any other tax or own rate of the country of receipt of the order. You will be informed of the exact amount of taxes by the transport company or customs office once the merchandise arrives in your country.
    If you make your purchase through aerower.com you will only pay the shipping costs that refer to the cost of transport. The invoice that is issued from the web will include the price of the products and the shipping costs, that is, it will not contain any of the aforementioned taxes, fees or duities with that the destination country may impose on the order

    As a buyer you are responsible for these additional costs for customs or any other tax, once the customs taxes are accrued by the competent authorities in charge of applying customs regulations.

    In the case of not paying the requested taxes within the indicated time, the shipment will be returned to AEROWER and you will be responsible for paying the transport costs of the return and the taxes and/or duties derived from the return. that are generated.

    If you make your purchase through aerower.com and expect to receive your order outside the European Union , it is very likely that you will have to pay customs fees for the import, and also taxes such as VAT.
    We will send the invoice with your order that includes the tariff codes of each product, so that the customs of your country can apply the corresponding taxes correctly.
    We cannot know exactly what the taxes and fees are for all countries, since they may vary according to specific areas of the same step due to the application of new laws. The taxes and fees that you must pay will be indicated by the transport company when the order arrives in your country.
    If there is an official Aerower distributor in your country, we recommend you buy through it, since you will not have to pay additional taxes and the shipping cost will be cheaper.

    As a consumer and user you can exercise your right of withdrawal and return the products purchased through aerower.com within a period of 15 calendar days without the need for justification. To request an exchange or return, fill out the following form:

    Remember: Any product that you want to change or return must be done with the original and intact packaging and labeling, conveniently packaged in its original box and properly protected. The item to be returned must be in the same condition in which it was received, which will be determined by our experts.

    If you have made your purchase through a distributor, please contact them to manage the exchange or return and find out what their conditions are. These conditions must be at least the same as those in force in your country in reference to consumer rights.

Can I change the size of MY jumper1?
    Of course! If your Jumper1s don't fit you properly when you receive them, you can easily request a size exchange. Just fill ina short form and send us the product you received.

    Please note that you will be responsible for the cost of returning the product to us and the shipping costs for the new product. So make sure you choose the right size and RS for you.

Are returns and exchanges free?
    If the reason is due to a defect or damage to the product or because it does not correspond to the product purchased, we will bear the cost of returning and reshipping the merchandise to its recipient. The transport company will contact you to collect the merchandise to be returned. This applies to orders placed through aerower.com as well as orders placed with an official reseller.
    If the reason is not a defect or damage, exchanges and returns are not free . That is, the customer must bear the cost of returning the product received and the costs of shipping the new product (in case of an exchange).
    In this way, Aerower contributes to the reduction of the contamination derived from the uncontrolled transport of goods.
    We provide you with this guide to help you choosing the right Jumper1 for you before ordening. 
    We also recommend that you always place your order through your nearest official distributor . In this way, shipping and forwarding is always cheaper, faster and respectful of the environment. Ask us if you still don't know your nearest distributor.

    If you reject the order once it has already been sent, either because you no longer want it or because there are taxes in your country that you do not want to pay and are necessary to receive the products, you must bear the costs derived from the return that the transport company to our facilities in La Nucia (Alicante, Spain).
    Once we receive the order at our facilities, we will pay you the amount of the returned item, deducting the shipping and return transport costs, as well as the re-importation taxes in the event that they exist.