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There is a Jumper1 model for each person, with a precise and versatile customization system, each user can configure their boot and RS (Rebound System) in a unique way, adjusting the resistance of the arcs, multiband and combining the colors to different tastes and needs.

(The sale and delivery service of products is developing normally despite the restrictions imposed by the expansion of Covid-19. Even so, delays in the delivery of some orders may be experienced due to changes in the logistics operations of the transport companies).

Jumper1 Crimson
State of the Art
$ 173.90 - $ 237.90
Jumper1 Orchidea
A new spirit
$ 173.90 - $ 237.90
Jumper1 Azzure
The power of you
$ 173.90 - $ 237.90
Jumper1 Pollen
Spread the fun
$ 173.90 - $ 237.90
Jumper1 Camper
Jump to freedom
$ 173.90 - $ 237.90
Jumper1 Custom
Express  yourself
$ 188.90 - $ 252.90

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